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Wood Inserts

Warm up to our Wood-burning Inserts Collection. Heat your home naturally. There’s something especially satisfying about a wood-burning fire. From the gathering and chopping of the wood to the scent, this natural fuel is tough to beat. And talk about bringing the heat. Available in almost any size imaginable, each wood-burning insert from IronStrike does just that. The Montlake™ insert, for example, boasts our exclusive Thermal Fin Technology (TFT™), which synthesizes and maximizes heat output faster than anything else on the market.




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Montlake room 2

Montlake 230 Green tax

A highly efficient and clean way to heat with wood that has all the warm ambiance of a traditional fireplace.

Performer c 01

Performer C210 Green tax

Medium-sized, EPA Phase II-certified insert provides efficient non-catalytic heat and a variety of aesthetic options

Legacy c 01

Legacy C260 Green tax

Large, EPA Phase II-certified insert provides powerful non-catalytic heating with several customizable design options