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Gas Inserts

Introducing the IronStrike’s Gas Insert Collection. Bye, bye same old. Hello brand new. When “someday” becomes a reality, you’re one step closer to living the dream. And no feeling compares to seeing your home reach its full potential. Each IronStrike gas insert is made to meet you where you are - today. Whether your style is contemporary, classic or somewhere in between, you can transform a so-so room into spectacular. And with our one-touch remote controls, you decide what’s comfortable on a whim. Cozy yet?



Bellevue32 web

Bellevue 32

Transform your traditional wood hearth into a genuine heat provider with the Bellevue 32 gas fireplace insert. An affordable solution for upgrading that tired wood fireplace with a clean and convenient gas appliance. Put your feet up and enjoy.

Madisonpark32 01

Madison Park 32

The Madison Park™ 32 fireplace insert is the perfect way to convert your existing wood fireplace into an efficient heater that will provide warmth and ambiance at the touch of a button.

Madisonpark32cd 01

Madison Park CD 32

Usher in some style with the Madison Park™ 32 Contemporary Design (CD) gas fireplace insert. Sit back and enjoy your fireplace again.