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Winslow PI

Pellet - Insert

Winslow insert 01
The Winslow™ pellet fireplace insert delivers inviting and reliable heat in an attractive style that can be customized to complement any home. Convenient features, ease of use and serviceability are designed right into the stove. And with Smart Heat™ technology, ideal room temperatures can be set for consistent comfort. Plus, with a large variety of design features, the Winslow can be personalized to reflect every style and taste.


  • Large, heavy-duty welded steel heat exchanger provides efficient heat transfer and maximum durability.
  • Smart Heat™ technology delivers the ultimate in precision heating and comfort control.
  • Large and easy-to-load hopper holds up to 55 lbs., requiring less loading and ensuring longer burn times.
  • Innovative self-ignition system delivers hassle-free automatic starts and works with a thermostat for easy operation.
  • Durable, cast-iron burn pot, with airburst feature, self-cleans for less maintenance and trouble-free starts.
  • Sealed blower and auger assembly ensures quiet operation and never need to be greased.
  • Unique air wash system creates less maintenance and a clear view of the fire.
  • Choose from several sizes of surround panel kits to match your opening size (1-required).
  • Multiple door trims and grill finishes add to the attractive finished look. (1ea-required).
  • Optional log set and brick panel provide realism and design opportunities.
  • Several optional thermostat and on-off remote control kits are available for added convenience.
  • Limited lifetime warranty.

*Square-feet heating capacities are approximations only. Actual performance may vary depending upon home design and insulation, ceiling heights, climate, condition and type of fuel used, appliance location, burn rate, accessories chosen, chimney installation and how the appliance is operated.

Model Winslow PI
Minimum Fireplace Width 36"
Minimum Fireplace Height 22-1/2" or 19" with hopper adjusted to smallest size
Minimum Fireplace Depth 15-1/2"
BTU 37,500
EPA EPA Certified
Remote Control Optional
Venting Type 3"
Warranty Limited Lifetime Warranty
Stove Surround Trim
Stove black surround Black Stove Surround Trim
Stove nickel surround Nickel Stove Surround Trim
WInslow Stove Doors
Black door Black Winslow Stove Door
Nickel door Nickel Winslow Stove Door
Brushed nickel Brushed Nickel Winslow Stove Door
Black nickel Black Nickel Winslow Stove Door
Winslow Stove Grille
Black grille Black Winslow Stove Grille
Nickel grille Nickel WInslow Stove Grille
Brushed nickel grille Brushed Nickel Winslow Stove Grille
Black nickel grille Black Nickel Winslow Stove Grille
Winslow Brick Stove Liner
Brick liner Winslow Brick Stove Liner
Decortive Log Set for Winslow
Logs and screen Decorative Log Set for Winslow